Monday, February 5, 2007

My Step 2 CK:

Well guys,

These friends of mine asked me to put my info about Ck as I just went through this hard time. So here is how my experience was.

First of all, whatever others felt I didnt feel Step 2 CK was easier than Step 1. Its because CK is more judgemental and it needs more of your balancing of the knowledge. It tries to fool you in the web of "Whats the next best" and "Whats the Most Appropritate". So watch out for this all the time in Step 2 questions.

The books that I went through is kaplan, kaplan and kaplan. Yeah, I studied the blue print for OB/ Gyn, but the vague and subjective way of it forced me to follow kaplan after a while. People say blue prints of paediatrics, neurology and obgyn and ofcourse medicine is good. But I dont have the experience, So I cant say anything. If you have time you can go through medicine blueprints may be because the bulkiest part of the exam is from the medicine. And the DVD videos, which helps engrave the facts and figures taught in the book in your memory. What I think I missed was that in the Kaplan DVD there is Dr Goljan's lecture for Step 2. So guys I think it will help. I dont know, but its better to go through in my view.

The last moment, I mean for the last 15 days, you can just go through Kaplan Step 2 Highlights- which is just precise and relatively covers most of the stuffs. So I think it would be great added benefit.

So fasten your seat belts, and get through it.
If somebody comes with questions or concerns, let me know.

For Step 2 Clinical Knowledge

We aint professional build up. We will be sharing whatever experience we have had and how we could have improved in this regard.

So one of our friends will soon put on his input here for the time he went through.

Good luck guys.